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From War Zones to Boardrooms:

Optimize The Moment

When Strategic Planning Fails

We’ve come to a point in history where the constant upheaval in the world leaves us all in a constant state of flux, characterized not just by economic fluctuations and political turmoil but also by social and technological disruptions that collectively challenge our ability to plan for the future with any degree of certainty.

Predictability in our everyday lives has become a relic, something we can no longer reasonably rely on. Economic instability has become a hallmark of our times, with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) frequently adjusting growth forecasts in response to emerging global challenges.

Political unrest and conflicts have become the “new normal,” causing daily angst and supply chain disruptions that affect not just businesses but decisions we all have to make about our most basic needs.

Technology holds the keys to a future as yet unknown. Amid its fascination, these tools lead to justifiable worry over job losses, compounding our concerns over basic needs. Awareness about how others are treated is often played out with social upheaval, driven by demands for greater equality, justice and representation.

In this context, the “constant upheaval” we experience is not merely a series of isolated events but a confluence of interconnected challenges that redefine our expectations of stability and predictability. This new reality demands resilience, adaptability and a willingness to embrace change, not as a temporary state of affairs but as a permanent fixture of our collective human experience.

The strategies and mindsets that once tied us to success and understanding how the world works now risk anchoring us to outdated paradigms. Given this rapidly evolving landscape, clinging to familiar approaches not only hinders our progress but may also blind us to emerging opportunities.

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A Journey Beyond Conventional Wisdom

From War Zones to Boardrooms: Optimize the Moment When Strategic Planning Fails, by Martin Rust, is not your traditional guidebook written by another so-called leadership “expert.” Rust leans on a 25-year journey of working in the financial sector and navigating the unpredictable nature of conflict and post-conflict zones. Rust has benefitted from a unique vantage point into the lives and leadership of some very special people who have not only survived the harshest of “Moments” but who have thrived and indeed led others to do the same.

Optimize the Moment is an invitation—a challenge—to rethink the foundations upon which we build our professional and personal lives. Rust shares not just insights but lived experiences, shedding light on the resilience and adaptability required not just to survive but thrive in today’s “new normal” of a world.

Optimize the Moment™ is More than Corporate Jargon. It’s a Movement.

We already know what’s behind Door #1: Outdated policies and strategic plans that promise a lot for stakeholders but provide nothing for the employees expected to carry them out or you, the person trying to navigate the perpetual turmoil that has defined our world.

Rust encourages us to look beyond the horizon, question the status quo and find strength in the very moments of chaos we often fear. It’s an invitation to those who dare to lead, innovate and redefine the narrative of success in their terms.

As we stand at these historical crossroads, From War Zones to Boardrooms: Optimize the Moment When Strategic Planning Fails can help us redefine our understanding of leadership and success in an unpredictable world.

Optimize The Moment shows us how to move the organizations of today into a state of resiliency, agility and ultimately a success

– Jacki Christopher, Director, National Build-to-Suit Development at Ryan Companies U.S


And dive into Martin Rust’s insights shaping Optimize the Moment, revealing a transformative approach fueled by rich experiences.

The world is turbulent, with wars, elections, divisions, and other challenges unfolding on our screens daily — directing the strongest headwinds to society and humanity. Our leaders face tough decisions at a time when the traditional tools and models no longer apply.

From War Zones to Boardrooms: Optimize the Moment When Strategic Planning Fails was written for this reason: to challenge how we think about decision-making — for ourselves, our businesses and our organizations. We need to consider how to do things differently in this “new normal.”

Optimize the Moment isn’t written by another “expert” preaching answers; it’s about sharing powerful “Moments” and lessons learned from those who’ve navigated the toughest moments with grace and success. It’s for those ready to embrace change, think differently and lead with courage in an unpredictable world.

Optimize The Moment: From War Zones to Boardrooms revolutionizes decision-making in today’s volatile business and geopolitical climates. This insightful guide challenges traditional strategic planning, advocating for dynamic, situation-responsive approaches.

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I have known Martin professionally for a number of years and now I understand why he follows the consistent framework in his Professional Consulting and is successful in doing so. Very few individuals come with the diversity of experience, cultural understanding, and firsthand leadership experience that has hardened the Optimize the Moment business model and journey through the “Mission.” I found myself emotionally reflecting past and present approaches that helped me ponder my leadership style, especially with the closing section of profound questions to operationalize each chapter’s learning. I will use this book as a manual going forward to articulate, communicate, plan, execute, review, and adjust the Mission going forward. This is a must read for new and seasoned leaders alike.

Terry Nemeth, Senior Leader & Management Consultant Strategy Corp

Having read Optimize the Moment helped me reframe my thinking. Throughout my life I have has been fortunate to have worked for small entities right up to Fortune 100 companies, it is with this lens that I read Optimize the Moment. Optimize the Moment helped me to alter the way I look at things, not everything is a nail, with me thinking as a hammer. Martin will take you on several paths, all worth waiting to the end as they are brought together in very insightful ways. In my new journey starting an advisory business, Optimize the Moment and the way Martin takes you through the experience that shaped his world will be instrumental in the success of my new business.

I tend to read and listen to many books, I put Optimize the Moment up beside my collection of favorites such as Gladwell, Blount, Grant, Purja, and McRaven.

Dave McAllister, Senior Advisor, Vincita

Martin Rust upends the traditional corporate approach to strategic planning and forecasting. We no longer live in the kind of predictable world that makes this approach possible. Rust’s experience demonstrates what we all know: that geopolitical, environmental, and economic conflict and upheaval aren’t anomalies, they are the new norm. Therefore, strategic planning exercises that rely on status quo conditions are doomed to fail. By optimizing the moment, defining the mission, truly listening to key stakeholders, embracing chaos, and abandoning preconceived notions, we move the organizations of today into a state of resiliency, agility, and ultimately success. Optimize The Moment shows us how.

Jacki Christopher, Director, Director, National Build-to-Suit Development at Ryan Companies U.S

Martin Rust’s From War Zones to Boardrooms delves into the flaws of traditional strategic planning and introduces Optimize the Moment, emphasizing adaptability in uncertain environments. Through personal anecdotes and current examples, Rust critiques conventional strategies and advocates for agility, resilience, and innovative decision-making. Key themes include adaptive leadership, decision-making under pressure, and the significance of collaborative networks, offering a new paradigm for overcoming crises and fostering organizational growth.

John Mee, Business Development, Mee Industries

The book resonated deeply, revealing the diligent efforts of smart individuals making impactful decisions behind the scenes, contrary to often negative public perceptions. It humorously critiques outdated “5-Year Plans,” underscoring the value of empathy and human-centric approaches in leadership. The narrative provides hope and a practical framework for the reader’s personal career challenges, emphasizing the transformative power of the Optimize the Moment process in enhancing decision-making and empathetic engagement in both business and personal contexts.

Michael Barrow, CTO, Titanium Forest

About the Author

Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau
Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau

Martin Rust, a strategic consultant, specializes in decision-making based on intelligence and analysis. His expertise spans procurement, reputation management, security, advocacy, analysis, and strategic communications. With a global presence and multi-sector expertise, Martin Rust is recognized for integrity, discretion, and proven performance as a trusted advisor to senior officials and business leaders worldwide​.

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